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CORKTEX® is a product for lining floors, walls and ceilings that is lasting, decorative and ecological, offering comfort when walking on it, acoustic and thermal comfort in all spaces where it is used. Easy to install, fast and simple to maintain

The whole CORKTEX® range is designed with fabrics made with high tenacity polyester thread and with a covering that offers design, colour, style and resistance to abrasion. They have the Microban treatment that prevents the proliferation of bacteria and fungi

Recycled material in 85% of its weight. This recycling process consists of using the cork in the form of bottle caps and other presentations that can no longer be reused for these applications. The same applies to the rubber, which comes from waste vehicle tyres. In a grinding and conditioning process, a Cork-Rubber mixture can be obtained for use in various industrial applications, and as a support for the CORKTEX® product

These fabrics are fixed to a support comprising a thick and compact agglomerate of cork and rubber granules highly resistant to compression, obtained through a recycling process, which gives us a support or ecological base that is respectful of the environment

This compound gives high soundproofing and good thermal comfort, and is therefore very suitable both for use as floor and wall lining and in the roof or in plates made for false ceilings. It is also non-slip. CORKTEX® may be used in public places, hotels, offices, trades, etc.

Corktex Advantages
Comfort and Rest
No fatigue when walking on its surface due to the balanced ratio between the friction coefficient and the low static electricity produced when treading
Thermal and Acoustic Isolation
With the use of cork-rubber, we achieve high levels of soundproofing and thermal isolation
Anti-Bacteria and Anti-Moss
CORKTEX® is a lining without toxic emissions (green card) and with a fixed antibacterial/anti-moss treatment (Microban)
Easy Cleaning and Maintenance
Any normal system for cleaning floors maybe used: Vacuum cleaners, floor cleaners, etc. and with detergent products and bleaches with concentrations of up to 50%
Use of recycled materials in the form of granules to give this system high compression resistance